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About Amy's


It all started when...

I was stuck in a rut. I was unhappy with my job. I wanted something new.  I got a crazy idea to open a wedding venue.  My husband crunched the numbers on what kind of start up costs it would take to build what I wanted to build. He gave me the sad news that we did not have that kind of money.  A friend suggested I open a bridal shop. I thought she was crazy. One thing led to another very quickly though, coincidence by coincidence. (Trust in his plan, right?) And the next thing I knew, we opened Amy's Bridal Boutique just six weeks later.

At the time, I didn't know a place like Amy's was needed in Tri-Cities, WA so badly.  I based my store on what I had wished I had when I was a bride a few years prior. A place where a bride's desires were heard, and where a professional consultant was available to give me the guidance I needed. We needed a place that had some style, some quality, and some good customer service.  We needed a place that made Wedding Dress Shopping an experience, and the celebration it should be.